Timing Belts

Forte Group International provides a comprehensive product line of timing belts for every automobile application. We supply various V-belts such as industrial use wide raw-edged V-belts (variale speed belts), raw-edged general V-belts, raw-edged narrow V-belts, raw-edged automotive V-belts, raw-edged motorcycle V-belts, agricultural machinery use variable speed V-belts, large angle belts and other types of V-belts. These V-belts are widely used in transmission equipment of petroleum, chemicals, light industry, mine metallurgy, textiles, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.

The variable speed belts have a high intensity design, have a small extension, are oil-resistant, durable, engineered to precise specifications, and have high horizontal rigidity. The variable speed belts are suitable for stepless transmissions found in printing machinery, electrical machinery, rubber machinery, spinning machinery, light industrial machinery, carpenter machinery, foodstuff machinery, etc.

Forte Group International is able to supply variable speed belts according to both ISO standards and American standards.


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