Mission Statement:

Forte is committed to promoting US-Sino business relations through a broad range of services. We specialize in providing up-to-date information on the Chinese market. Forte's business expertise includes consultation, covering industry developments in China, foreign investment strategies in the China market, various international training and educational exchange services, tourism, and promotion of US-Sino trade opportunities.

Forte can play an important role facilitating and assisting in the promotion of the US business interests among America's small and medium size enterprises in the burgeoning Chinese Market. Since China's entry into the WTO there has been greater opportunity for smaller and more aggressive American companies to invest and conduct business in China. One of Forte's core strengths lies in the strategic relationships we maintain and continually build with China's local and national officials, for these officials often know of many companies that are very eager to do business with American companies. Forte's unique set of services is an invaluable tool for American companies interested in doing business in China.



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